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Restriction (Blacklisting)
Restriction (Blacklisting)

Hide options and option values according to previous selections

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Using Blacklisting, the Product Configurator can design the frontend more conveniently by excluding options by each other. If the customer chooses an option which excludes other options, these options can be hidden or greyed out together with an explanation.

With the help of Blacklisting, you can create uncountable different dependencies.


In the following we will explain you the basics of the function Blacklisting on an example out of our online-demo.

Here we have the options Construction Type (Notebook, Desktop), Model (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac) and Transport (cases for the MacBooks). If the customer chooses the Construction Type > Notebook, he can see the optionvalues for the MacBooks and the option Transport, but not the optionvalues Mac Mini and iMac. If the customer chooses the Construction Type > Desktop, he can only see the option values Mac Mini and iMac, but not the MacBooks and the option Transport


How to use Blacklisting:

Step one:

Open your desired template, here you can see the index Rules.


After clicking on this tab, you get to the following view:

(In this example there is already two rules defined) 


Step two:

Click on the "Add new rule" button to set up a new rule:  



Afterwards you should get the following view:


Now, give your rule a label and choose the corresponding validation type. 


 Overview of Valdiation Types: 


  • restriction: Allows to hide options and option values according to corresponding selections 

  • predefine qty: determines specific minimum and maximum values for option types with quantities 

  • predefine values: determine option as default values 

  • predefine minmax: determine minimum and maximum values for quantity values 

  • error message:  provide an error message if your customers select a combination that is not available  


Step three: 


For now, we want to apply a rule for blacklisting. In our exaple we sell Apple products (i.e Macbooks and iMacs). Due to the fact that there are combinations that can not be combined, we have to make sure that users can not select such combinations. So lets set up a new blacklisting rule: 


  • first we define a specifc selection that leads to a situation, where other options or option values are not valid anymore 

  • below the tab "blacklist" we automatically see the already defined option groups / options and option values. Therefore we can directly select the values that are not combineable. This works for whole options, option values and even option groups



Furthermore you are also able to set up blacklisting rules that are dependent on more than one option value. Additionally you can decide wheather there should be a combination of two selections that should lead to a blacklisting or an eather / or query.

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